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I'm trying a new approach at drawing my manga so a few things will change. These includes:
  • Line width of drawings - try to add various width size of line strokes.
  • Art style - could change slightly since I'm drawing on the computer.
  • Tones - find tones that will work for most scenes.
  • Image (paper) size - to allow the readers to scroll down and see more details on the pages to feel like they are reading from a manga perspective.

For those who have just started reading, don't be alarm by the sudden change in image (page) size during Tale 2 compare to the earlier pages. With that all said and done, I hope you all continue to enjoy reading my story.

I will comment below for future chapter/tale updates.
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03.28.2013 »
Tale 1 Complete
Tale 1 has finished uploading. Go take a read if you haven't. :D