03.31.2009 »

Site Layouts

I will comment below when I update this site layout. The comments will be in order from oldest-to-newest.

If you have questions regarding this site layout, please post them in the Q & A article.
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03.31.2009 »
For now I'm using the same layout for all of my web comics. It's at least 50% done. :)
04.01.2009 »
Banners! (and music?)
I edited the banners for both the main web site and the preview banner. Hopefully the site looks better now. :)

Plus, I also add the song titled "Sore Ga, Ai Deshou" by Shimokawa Mikuni from the anime Full Metal Panic.

I hope everyone enjoy these new updates! =D
08.05.2009 »
Layout 2
I wanted to try a new layout.
It's not done yet, but hopefully I can get it to go somewhere.
So for now, enjoy! ;D
08.05.2009 »
If you haven't already notice, I'm going back to re-edit/re-tone the previous pages.
Reason: I want the images to look sharper, or in this case more darker.
10.06.2009 »
Layout 3
I estimate that I'm done with 50% of the new layout design. Hopefully I can get more done little by little. Enjoy the new look I've got so far. :]

EDIT: 06 Oct 2009
Finally got all of the major parts done. I will update when it's necessary.
05.15.2010 »
Banner & Logo
I changed the banner and logo (text) design for this story.
04.21.2012 »
Buttons & Users Posting
Added buttons design for some navigation links, and framed users posting information to appear more visible.
09.06.2012 »
Updated Archive Chapter Links
I added a right side panel on the ARCHIVE page for quick links to each chapter. This allows you to find a specific chapter quicker than scrolling down and looking for it. Hope you all enjoy this new addition.
01.08.2013 »
Updated Site Layout
I added and changed a few designs to the site. Enjoy the additions. ;]
03.28.2013 »
Tweaked Site Layout
Tweaked some pages, layouts, side menus, and links on this site. Enjoy the updates. :]
01.28.2015 »
Layout 4
This site has been given a new layout. Hope everyone enjoys this new update. :]

NOTE: If there are bugs/errors that occurs, please leave a comment on the Q & A post.