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Happy Holiday 2008-09
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Happy Holiday 2008-09!
Happy Holiday to everyone! =D
(some may call this day "Merry Christmas")

Well...as you all can see, I haven't post anything for this comic in like.... >___> ........a VERY LONG time I guess, so to make up for it I wanted to post this drawing that I drew. =D

These are my characters, Evion and Thoren. (Isn't this scene sweet?) XD
Sorry if it looks sketchy but I like it this way! :)

I wanted to draw something for the upcoming holiday but I don't know what to draw so I decided to draw my characters and it turns out to give me the best idea for the cold, wintery weather image!
Cuddling each other to keep warm during these cold weather is the best way to go! XD
(Especially for couples, they would love to hug each other to keep warm! Or am I wrong? O_o)

Well anyway, I hope you all have a warm and wonderful break / holiday / vacation / __________ ! <--- (insert your words here)

Um...I think I wrote too much this time... opps.... =____=;; Well, enjoy the drawing! =D
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