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Happy Halloween 2008
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11.01.2008 »
Happy Halloweeen 2008!
This is an artwork I did for Halloween 2008. It contains a bunch of images collection to create this artwork.

I know it's late to post this, but hey, enjoy this artwork!
(I put a lot of effort into this one so I'm happy enough already as it is. haha) XD
Leave your comments here so I know what you think of my work. Thanks! Enjoy! ;D
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11.01.2008 »
Yori Hayashi Chan

Only two fans? You're art deserves more than that. Goodness gracious. Well, I'll be sticking around to see more of this story!
11.01.2008 »
(to Yori Hayashi Chan)
Thanks! =D
haha I guess that's because I'm still new to this site so not many people know about me yet.
Hopefully it will all goes well though. ^^

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